Software - Alignment

Tool Description Sample Applications
  • Rigid image alignment using up to 12 parameters as selected.
  • Mutual Information, Cross-Correlation or Least Squares matching criterion.
  • Longitudinal study image alignment, e.g. preliminary to BBSI.
  • Multi-modality image alignment (e.g. flairs to T1 for same subject).
  • Cross-sectional study image alignment to template, prior to non-linear warping.
  • Cubic B-Spline warping using multiresolution and multigrid hierarchy.
  • High dimensional warp involving up to 750K parameters.
  • Automatic intensity-based matching using Cross-Correlation.
  • Cross-sectional studies in which statistics are generated from the warps of all subjects onto group template.
  • Group differences using Jacobian images (also see C3Jacobian).
  • Voxel-based regression images showing group correlations at each voxel with other factors like cognitive scores.
  • Correction of misaligned slices in MRI images
  • In images containing excessive head movement, readjust each slice to better match neighboring slices.
  • Minimize misalignment artifacts by estimating translation and rotation corrections slice by slice.
  • Commonly applied to images with thick (> 3mm) slice size, e.g. DSE and FLAIR
  • Thin-Plate spline warping of images to match landmarks.
  • Biometric studies of group differences based upon landmark positions.
  • Landmark-based enhancement of automatic intensity-based cubic-spline warps.

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