Software - Analysis

Tool Description Sample Applications
  • Brain Boundary Shift Integral.
  • Implementation of algorithm of Nick Fox.
  • Compute and visualize brain volume changes at tissue-CSF boundaries.
  • Longitudinal studies of brain boundary shifts.
  • Visualize areas of brain atrophy and compute time-related volume changes for single subjects.
  • Compile statistics of brain volume change vs. age.
  • Compute images of Jacobians resulting from nonlinear (TP or B-Spline) warps.
  • Algorithm of C. Studholme smoothes the Jacobians using like-tissue intensity filtering.
  • Illustrate group differences with images showing systematic local changes in anatomical volumes, e.g. differences in ventricle or hippocampal sizes.
  • Implementation of image segmentation algorithm due to J. Rajapakse.
  • EM-style iterations alternately estimate parameters of tissue distributions and most likely voxel classifications based on these parameters.
  • Segment brain images for volumetric computations of tissue classes.

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